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Our wines have been carefully hand chosen by our passionate and knowledgeable owner and wine lover.

We have almost 600 selections in total to choose from while specializing in Canadian wine with over 200 selections. With Canadian wine especially, we've found and to be most useful for reviews, awards and various articles.

The wine world is constantly changing and we strive to provide a unique and ever changing collection.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for please ask, we’re happy to help!


Along with a great selection of domestic beer, we also carry a variety of both local craft beer and various imports.

When determining which products to carry, we often check the reviews and ratings from and to stay current and on top of the latest and greatest offerings.


Alberta has a great supplier website hosted by Liquor Connect that will inform consumers about the nearly 20,000 products that are available in the Alberta market and where to find them.

Liquor Connect is a great tool to see if the product (beer, wine or spirit) you’re looking for is available in Alberta and where to find it – hopefully we can help! If not, please call us and we are happy to order it in for you. With case pre-orders we offer a 10% discount too!



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